The Die Is Cast – Serious Sam 4 Level 5 Walkthrough

This Serious Sam 4 Guide and Walkthrough will help you through the mission, The Die Is Cast.


The level starts with a new cutscene where Sam punches Brand for erupting the volcano and almost killing Sam and his allies.

Brand will tell you that you need to get into Rome with Rodriguez.

Head into Rome

You will now get the rocket Launcher mod if you completed the side mission in the previous level gates of hell.


You will now encounter a new enemy called Kalopsy. He shoots green stuff at you and if you shoot him he will fly around like crazy so you better kill him quickly.

A few more enemies will spawn. After dealing with them, go to the stairs where you will find a drone you can destroy.

Get up the stairs and find the Processed and continue the path. Now you are attacked by snipers.

A few meters away you will find a new weapon.

Assault Rifle

The rifle just lays there completely alone. You better pick it up.

Now you enter a bigger area which is locked down. Many enemies will spawn and attack you as you proceed forward.

After reaching the end of the area you have to turn left. But be careful, there are some heavy enemies around the corner that can deal you a lot of damage.

Continue and you will find another new weapon.

Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher is a powerful weapon which can kill many enemies at the same time. But if you are near it when it explodes, you can get a lot of damage as well.

Go down the path until you are attacked by many Gnaars. Put your newly picked up weapon to use and blow them all up.

Now don’t run too fast or you will miss this drone Oi cam destroy which is in a courtyard.


Now before you continue the normal path, go to the left where you can find a radio you can listen to.

Walk the normal path until you encounter a new side mission.

Side Mission: Portal Kombat

Just walk straight until you find a huge area where you have to walk to the end of it, to the portal.

Professor Kiesel tells you what to do to destroy the portal. You basically just have to press buttons and kill enemies.

After each button press, some enemies will spawn and there is a cool down until you can press it again.

After you have pressed the button for the last time. The portal blows up. But don’t run away just yet. Pick up the nice gadgets that just spawned.

The black hole kills every enemy near it. It will suck it all up and kill them in a huge explosion.

Now go back where you started the side mission where you can pick up a gadget for the Grenade Launcher.

Grenade Launcher Mod

The Grenade Launcher mod works like this: You have to shoot a Grenade and have to press the right mouse button to let it explode. You can also just shoot one Grenade in the air and create a Grenade shower.

Now continue the normal path where you enter a new huge area with some enemy waves you have to kill to unlock the door.

After dealing with all of the monsters, go through the door.

Now just jump down there and a new cutscene comes up.

Ending Cutscene

In the cutscene Rodriguez asks you if you want to go through the city of the ruins. Of course Sam chooses the ruins.

After the cutscene the level The Die is Cast ends here.