Morituri Te Salutant – Serious Sam 4 Level 6 Walkthrough

This Serious Sam 4 Guide and Walkthrough will help you through the mission Morituri Te Salutant.

Reach the Colosseum

The level starts right where the last one ended. There is no introduction cutscene. After you get your objective to Reach the Colosseum, go forward until you encounter 2 Kalopsy you have to kill.

In some corners there is ammo, health and armor that you can pick up. Continue until you have to kill some more Rocketeers.

After a short walk, you will enter an area where you will be locked in. First, take care of the spawning Kleers which want to eat your hamburger.

More enemies will spawn and after a few moments you will notice a huge Khnum is also here to take care of you. But instead, take care of him!

An Arachnoid is also in your way. Hide behind the wall when he is shooting and take care of him quickly or slowly.

After killing all the enemies you will encounter a locked door.

Locked Door

To get through the locked door, follow the waypoint to your left . On the little hill on the right side you will find a gadget.

Walk some more, and you will wonder why there aren’t any enemies spawning. Well there is a reason.

The Key

In a container you will find the key to open the door. After you have picked it up, many enemies will spawn.

Kleers come and go, so they say. But only if you take care of their old bones and get rid of them.

Open the door that was locked with your new shiny key and you will find supplies.


You can listen to the radio show if you want or continue the path where you will have to kill some more small enemies.

Go up the stair until you encounter a Zealot, remember to shoot him in the back.

Go forward and then left, and you will find a new gun.

New Weapon: Auto-Shotgun

The Auto-Shotgun is a very powerful and fast weapon which can take care of almost any enemy. As long as you can aim of course. Pick it up and get up the stairs and kill the big guy.

More Processed will spawn if you follow the path. You should not have a problem with your new gun. But if you run out of bullets, pick up the ammo for the gun that lays around the ground.

Continue and you see some enemies casually walking. Kill them and listen to what Mikhail has to say to you.

Mikhail is in great danger! (or maybe not). Follow the path and take out all the enemies. There are many of them.

Follow the path some more, and you find a small military base.

Skill Point

Open the case to get a skill point and choose the skill that you like and love.

Follow the path until you find a new waypoint and a new side mission. Of course, you can decide to skip the side mission and just follow the yellow waypoint.

Side Mission: Cocked Locked and Hancocked

If you decide to do the side mission, follow the path to your right.

You will encounter a cutscene with a new guy who is a huuuuuge fan of you… and Hellfire.

He wants you to sign his rifle. So be a good Sam and do that for him.

Of course, enemies will attack you on your way to his rifle.

After reaching the area, a new wild cutscene appears and Sam signs the rifle.

You can pick up a lot of ammo and health now in this area.

Leave through the door where you came from and try to go back. You will be attacked by bulls and more enemies.

Go back to where the side mission started and follow the normal path, the main quest.

You see a big open area with no enemies. Go forward and try to leave the area, you will be locked in.

Now many enemies will spawn, and you have to kill them all to leave this place.

After the door opens, leave the place, and go down the stairs.


Listen to the radio where you can hear Jones talk and follow the road while killing all the enemies.

You will encounter the Colosseum. You can explore the area for some more ammo and health or just go directly into the arena.

A new cutscene introduces you to Archiman.

Ammo and health spawn indicates that you have to kill enemies to proceed. So do that.

This new cutscene shows Sam talk to Archiman again. Now you may think he is the boss of the area. But he is not.


The boss of this area is this huge crab. Be careful and always watch your ground, or you will die very fast. The crab will also spawn smaller enemies to distract you.

Ending Cutscene

The crab will go down in the cutscene, and you find Rodriguez hiding in the ground.

This is the ending of the mission Morituri Te Salutant of Serious Sam 4.