Death from Below – Serious Sam 4 Level 2 Walkthrough

This Serious Sam 4 Guide and Walkthrough will help you through the mission Death from Below with all side missions.

Meet Rodriguez And Jones

After starting this mission, you will spawn right where the last mission ended, there is no cutscene. After spawning, continue around the church where you will find more enemies to kill.
Continue the walk where you find a new radio you can listen to and some ammo. A few houses away a new type of enemy will spawn, but you cannot kill it yet. It does not matter how many bullets you shoot at it, it’s protected as you can see at the shield icon.
Now some more enemies will spawn. After killing them, a lot of Processed will jump out of the window, so be really frickin’ careful! After dealing with them too, walk the road where you will find another radio.

First Skill Point

Then, a few houses away a wild cutscene appears! In this cutscene you will be introduced into the Skill Point feature where you can spend your first point.
Now you can sneak to the left where you find some aliens speaking about enslaving the humans. Kill them or let them talk. Well, actually after the leader’s speech you have to kill them anyway. Continue the walk until Father mentions that there are people who needs help.

We Can Be Heroes

To do this side mission, go into the building and up the stairs where you will have to kill some enemies including new drones.
After that’s done, a new cutscene comes up introducing you into your new weapon, the assault rifle. If you have the deluxe edition of the game, you can enable the Tommy Gun in the settings to have the mesh replaced by it. Walk down the stairs to get back to your friends. And follow the road until you have to go through the house gate.

The Vampire

A new cutscene will come which introduced you to a new enemy, the vampire.
The vampire is a fast enemy. You should kill him whenever you see him because if you’re too slow, he just flies somewhere else and attacks you from there. You have to kill a few of the vampires until a house door opens and some enemies come running at you. After dealing with them, you can enter the house and go up the stairs where new Processed will spawn. After that, you will encounter a nice view.
Go and walk on the roof until some new drones and enemies will attack you. Also, new Processed will come out of the hole in the roof. Jump down into the hole and kill the Minor Bio-mechanoid. Now there’s a radio that doesn’t work. No clue why, so lets continue. Jump the hell down from there and take a walk until a new cutscene comes up where you will encounter two of your friends.

Jones And Rodriguez

The cutscene is over, now you have to take over. Kill all the enemies that will spawn in this area which you cannot leave. Also, some old friends will spawn, the Headless Kamikazes, and Werebulls of course, and Scrapjackasses

Boss Fight: Space Snake

After killing a few waves of enemies and bad guys (literally the same), the game rewards you with a new cutscene where you have to fight your first boss with the Minigun. It’s relatively easy, just avoid getting hit and shoot. If you should 1000 rounds without stopping you will get an achievement.
After getting it’s health bar down, the snake explodes of course and your friend Hellfire will come and pick you up with her bus. The level ends here.